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I still like the old helmut!

42 years of pain & tears was worth it!

I'm a Bosox, Bruins and Celtics fan!
I'm used to pain and dissapointment.
But there's always next year!!
Yeah, I'm hopeless, I can't help it!

Proud member of 'THE COLLECTIVE'
A group of fantasy players dedicated to:
"And the American way of crushing whiners!"
You can't win if you don't play
Bourgeois Objurgation of Rampant Gripers

Resistance is futile!

To The

The Collective's traveling band!

Some links that I think are pretty good!

The best show on TV

You gotta see this!

Microsoft's mapping program

Treasure hunting games;

Profile for phild31

Geocaching quests/challenges I've completed;

The 1st QUEST - 6 Degrees of Massachusetts - Completed - 10-31-2006 - #5 To Find

The 2nd QUEST - Massachusetts DeLorme Challenge - Completed - 11-19-2006 - #4 To Find

The 3rd QUEST - The Orient Express Quest - Completed - 12-1-2006 - #138 to finish

The 4th QUEST-Coin Quest - Completed - 1-29-2007 - #476 to finish
The 5th QUEST-The Hermit's Quest for Gold - Completed - 1-29-2007 - #536 to finish
The 6th QUEST - Modern Day Outlaw Quest - Completed - 7-1-2007 - #179 to finish

The 7th QUEST - New Hampshire DeLorme Challenge - Completed - 7-4-2008 - #20 To Find

The 8th QUEST - Little Rhody DeLorme Challenge - Completed - 5-9-2009 - #75 To Find

The 9th QUEST - I-90 Interstate Highway Challenge -Completed - 8-23-2010 #9 to find

The 10th QUEST - ABC Challenge - Massachusetts - Completed - 11-18-2010 - #18 To Find

The 11th QUEST - The Streak Challenge - Completed - 12-21-2010 - #14 to find.

The 12th QUEST - Massachusetts County Challenge - Completed - 12-22-2010 - #6 to find

The 13th QUEST - Massachusetts Month-by-month - Completed - 1-3-2011 - #3 to find

The 14th QUEST - Resurrection Challenge - Completed - 1-11-2011 - #5 to find

The 15th QUEST - Meta Challenge - Completed - 3-16-2011 - #13 to find

The 16th QUEST - I-93 Interstate Highway Challenge - Completed - 4-12-2011 - #2 to find

The 17th QUEST - NH Yearly Progressive Challenge - Completed - 4-17-2011 - #20 to find

The 18th QUEST - Mookiewilson's Alpha Numerical Cacher Challenge - Completed - 5-17-2011 - #1 to find

The 19th QUEST - 9 DEGREES OF NEW HAMPSHIRE - Completed - 6-6-2011 - #24 to find

The 20th QUEST - The 100 Puzzle Challenge Puzzle - Completed - 8-1-2011 - #42 to find

The 21st Quest - The GEODETIC SURVEY Disc Challenge - Completed - 2-20-2012 - #7 to find

The 22nd Quest - I-95 Interstate Highway Challenge Completed - 3-23-2012 - #22 to find

The 23rd Quest - What's Your Favorite? (Massachusetts Challenge) - Completed - 5-15-2012 - #6 to find

The 24th Quest - Oldest in Massachusetts - Completed - 10-24-2012 - #17 to find

The 25th Quest - 20 - Completed - 11-23-2012 - #9 to find

The 26th Quest - Finds by Placed Date Challenge Cache - Completed - 12-16-2012 - #2 to find

Read and Release at The Karma of Literature...

Free, printable, USGS  topographical maps for the entire USA

When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream & shout!

Your sports leader at work!

Fantasy Home Page

Trevor's right, I've gotten minutes of pleasure from this trophy!  I don't know if it's impressed my friend(s)Have the Morality Police abused your 1st amendment rights yet? If so, you too may qualify for membership!
I don't know when (or if) I will earn this trophy!
I had 940 when ESPN took away the visitor counts.
Thanks for the counter Le Comte, can I keep the trophy?

Thanks a whole lot ESPN! (_!_)

The Profile Critic
Wow, I made the top 10 profile list!
Click on the Top 10 logo to check out some great profiles.
Thanks Profile Critic!

My Favorite Teams!

It's allways time for BASEBALL !
Proud to be a Yankee Hater!

Cy Young - past Bosox great!

Yaz, 1967 triple crown winner!

Ted Williams, the last 400 hitter! - Marine Corps fighter pilot - WWII & Korea!!
A REAL American hero!

Yogi Berra, the best catcher ever! Even if he is a Yankee!
He won more World Series titles & played in more WS games than any player in history AND won a title as a manager!
But before all that he stormed the beaches of Normandy on 6/6/44 !
Another REAL American hero!!

1918 Red Sox!The last Red Sox WS champs. Notice the BABE in the back row?

The Red Sox won the first ever World Series!
Now, all the signs & omens point to the CURSE of the BAMBINO still working it's malevolent evil!
BEWARE Bosox Nation, the Red Sox winning the World Series IS the first sign of the coming of the FOUR HORSEMEN of the APOCALYPSE!!
The Seas will burn, the Sky will fall, Pestilence & Death will stalk the land and ARMAGEDDON will be apon us! !
Behold a Rider on a Pale Horse
and fear for your very souls, for lo, He will wear


The last time the Red Sox won the World Series, 1918, the next year was the biggest scandal in baseball history, the black sox scandal.
What will be the big scandal this year, steroids??

Check out Lady Chief's NFL graphics!NOT THIS YEAR!! :(

A Tampa Bay cheerleader, Eye candy 4 me!

More eye candy - 4 my phriends Karen & Bionic Woman!

Now some BEEFCAKE 4 the girls?
Teo, Ssiikk, Kmack & Hitman?

Click for Patriot's Cheerleader's home page

When the scent is in the air, the MOOSE is loose!!
A confused moose! PG13

A confused moose! PG13

That's me, at Coulter Mesa, Colorado - Sept. 4, 1995
That's a GPS unit on the rock, it told me....
Elevation: 9,135 ft.
Position: N 39 44.352, W 107 44.138
Distance to camp: 2.5 miles
Distance to home: 1908 miles!
The well equipped wilderness hunter,
if i get hurt or lonely i break out the GPS & cell phone and get take-out pizza delivered!!
I love toys!!

Me again, Coulter Mesa Sept 1992 175 lbs. 3x3 mule deer

Local Union 674

My hero!

* Thanks Sbramm, have a beer or 3 on me! *

Hey! Where's my donuts?

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